Composing : One of many reasons why I love this industry by Paul F. Henderson

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Paul F. Henderson

One of many reasons why I love this industry

One of the reasons why I love the film industry is that is based on teamwork, and we are all using our different voices to tell stories. 

And what's cool is, as the project evolves overtime, we get to know our collaborators/colleagues, which can lead to friendships as well.

Karen "Kay" Ross

Totally agreed, Paul F. Henderson! I've always enjoyed the ability of people from different walks of life to come together for a common goal and overcoming their differences to get it done. Finding camaraderie along the way is definitely a highlight of the journey!

Are you thinking of a particular instance or project?

Hector Murrieta

Yes, it’s nurturing

Paul F. Henderson

Oh absolutely! It is nurturing, no question about that, Hector.

Currently at the moment, I am just composing, and when I do, I think to myself: What do I want to say with this piece?

To answer your question, Karen "Kay" Ross, I am not involved in any project of any kind, but if I do get the change of getting involved, that would be wonderful.

As composers, and anyone in the creative industry, such as films, and film making, we have to be open to the possibilities, and explore all kinds of things, exchanging ideas with directors, writers, producers, and everyone who makes part of any project, really.

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