Composing : POLL - Career or Hobby? by Timothy Andrew Edwards

Timothy Andrew Edwards

POLL - Career or Hobby?

How many of us here are interested in having (or have) a career as a composer (earning a living) vs. how many of us here view composing as a hobby?

Timothy Andrew Edwards


Jason Arthur Chatwin

CAREER - I have plenty of hobbies which are fun and relaxing etc - in terms of composing for media I can't see anyone considering it a hobby due to the amount of effort/work that goes into it!? I appreciate the fact that most people want to do it because it's something close to their heart and they feel passionate about it - that's the same for me - I get much pleasure and satisfaction from engaging in all facets of music production for different types of media - there's also a lot of pain too! I think it depends if you see something defined at the end of your efforts then it's a career - if it's a way of escaping the day to day then it's a hobby?!

Dara Taylor

I quit my job, packed up all my things, and moved across the country so... ;-) But it certainly is the not an easy career, which makes finding some type of hobby necessary to keep one's perspective on the world afloat. My hobbies include stand-up comedy and a bit of coding :-)

Brek Twomey

Career. Experimental soundscapes for the purpose of hearing them = hobby. Scores for film or TV w/ specific intent = work. Consistent work = career.

Joel Irwin

There is also job. which is between hobby and career. But I don't think it is so easy to delineate these as for example, if you don't earn money its a hobby. It is more a 'mindset' or 'intent'. For me its a career but I have yet to earn a single penny from my music either in or out of the film business and I have been composing for 13 years (and have 9 going on 10 imdb entries). It really makes no difference to me and shouldn't to a director/producer what you call it. It is about what you have done, what you can do and equally as important HOW you do it (i.e., your ability to fit into the crew as part of the team).

Timothy Andrew Edwards

Joel, Mindset and intent are absolutely "career" to my mind.

Matt Milne

I do it as both. Obviously professionally score games, films and tv. But as a hobby i write instrumentals, currently on 22 piano concertos, as an example.

Jack Holt

Paid Hobby I create music for reality shows, and I do music for artists, however writing scripts is the career I'm pursuing.

Brian Gaber

It has always been a career but I struggled for years. Lots of Top Ramen. I was afraid that if I had a "safety net" I would give up at some point. Looking back, I think it was naive.

Robert Ellis

CAREER After some major changes in my personal life I have decided to give music - which I have been playing since my late teens, a go as a career. With that remit I decided to do a two year music related college course on music production; this includes Foley, Music for Films, Composition, Aural Perception, Production and Recording Techniques, etc. In the first year I have thus far attained distinctions on all levels, and I am currently thinking of building my own studio to either record others, record myself, and also do Foley work/Film Music. Its a big change, but I know its not a walk in the park, used to do Web Design, but due to the influx of too many people doing the same thing, who then attained degree's in HTML and CSS, unlike myself who had learned and used it via work experience, work became very hard to find; but sitting in a call centre giving people the telephone number for a local pizza restaurant, isn't a road I want to go down again. So yes its gonna be a struggle, it might take months, even years to get a first placement in a film, or even have music played on the radio; which is why I am thinking, use music as a career, but don't stay in one camp for revenue, play music, produce music, record music, live music, of your own, and of others, don't be genre specific, but do make music you make your own, and record others, who will in turn help you in your endeavours. (well thats a hopefully - some do want your music, but don't want your name on the credits - been there, done that one..)

Alexander C Torri

I am pursuing composition with a desire in making it a career. Of course, in order to make sure living expenses are met, I am working a job, which is not aligned with my desired career path. :-)

Timothy Andrew Edwards

Alexander (and/or anyone interested), If you haven't seen it advertised here on Stage 32, I am hosting a webinar this Saturday morning (PST). The link is provided below if you are interested. Best, Timothy

Samuel Estes

Career.... And you all should check out Timothy's seminar, I am sure it is going to be fantastic!

Arhynn Descy it too much to dabble!! I leave the hobby side to cooking....

Scotty Huff

Career! Been dancing on the fringes for years... time for full-time!

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