Cinematography : Red One Camera Vs. Arri Alexia, wich better? by Gregorio Alonso Medina

Gregorio Alonso Medina

Red One Camera Vs. Arri Alexia, wich better?

which one do you prefer to filmmaking and why? differences? thanks!

Andrew Sobkovich

There is little comparison, one is a well developed professional production product and one isn’t but has a favourable fanboi following. The Alexa works. Wonderful color and great images with very little image noise. Wish it had more actual resolution but it is currently fine with what it has for TV and ok for Cinema. The reliability has proven to be excellent. Lovely camera to work with and is the de-facto standard for scripted television production. RED shouted “4K resolution”, unfortunately for them resolution means image acuity not photosites, it has 1.6K resolution. RED shouted RED “RAW”, unfortunately for them raw means uncompressed not their 29:1 compression. I believe it may actually still be a “beta release” of a product. RED One will not actually capture the full REC709 colour gamut but it compensates with bad skin tones and colour reproduction in general. The thing is well know for its reliability issues like often failing from overheating. RED products are not allowed on any production I am doing. Never again.

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