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Sample Tracks to Post?

Hey composers! Do you all have any samples you don't mind sharing or want to post in this thread?

Cheri Freund

Hello Nick,

I represent a variety of music talent - -genres ranging from hard driving/edgy to epic/drama/emotional to relationships to light/happy/inspirational/folk/covers, to contemporary to 80s Synth-Pop/cross-over to Sci-Fi/ambient. For more info, please send me a DM. **Sample links below - >

Thanks for listening!


David Obaniyi

Hi Nick. I'd be happy to send you some tracks that I've been finalizing....


David Obaniyi

Also here's my link as well. If you wanted to take a look and listen...

Joel Irwin

Those who follow me know this is my current 'work in progress'. Nine tracks so far...

or to listen to the most recent cue (#9) that is totally different, I have created a separate track and named it "nino" (for 9th cue):

Mike Hall

Sure Nick and Thank you! Here is my Soundcloud link I can share.

Elena Maro

Hi NIck, thank you for asking. At this page there are samples from each one of my projects since I moved to LA :)

Socks Whitmore

I compose largely for voice, if you're interested in original songs!

Rachel Walker

Hi Nick! My website link is www. Thank you for asking! Rachel Walker

Nathaniel Baker

Brilliant! Loved it!❤️

Nick Assunto - Stage32 Script Services

This is fantastic! I had no idea so many musicians actively making work were on here. Everything sounds great, too. Definitely going to hit some of you up next time I need music for a project :)

Gerardo Preciado

I've been making music to Imaginary Horror Films for years now, I've been reviewed on Rue Morgue Magazine and several online horror sites, looking for filmmakers to collaborate with...

Christof Davis

Hi Nick (and everyone) - you can find some of my work here: and :-)

Linwood Bell

If I may ever be of

Elizabeth Capra

Hi, everyone! I write a lot of neo-classical music, using piano and looping cello. I am hopeful to work with you!


Youtube Hit song-

Lukasz Lowkis - Composer

Hi Nick and the other members. Here are my recent reels with some of my music. I'm open for any genre. If any informations required please feel free to contact me any time on

Greetings from London!

Jack Graham

Hi Nick! Here is some recent music and soundscaping I've put together!

Hope you enjoy!

Joanna Karselis There's quite a lot up there so if you have a specific style in mind let me know!

Scott Gordon

Open for any genre. I'm happy to make custom demos for any project.

Karl Brunig

The million dollar question: I have a SC page with 10 edgy Electronic pieces K1 to K10. Let me know if they are a good fit.

Karen E Ross

Thanks for starting this thread, Nick! Don't forget, you can post your links to your profile and share your links on the Your Stage Lounge as well:

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