My novel is being published this year in the summer, and I want to have a soundtrack for it. (I've already spoken to my publisher about it) I'm looking for a composer but I have no where to start! Does anyone know where I could possibly contact someone?

Brian Alan DeLaney

In general, I think you have come to the right place! I bet some one in this lounge (including myself) would be interested in doing it. Or you could post in the jobs section.

Karthi Karunanidhi

Hi..I am interested in taking the project..You can reach me

Joel Irwin

Normally a novel doesn't have a soundtrack. You may want to be more specific on what you need. Composers often don't get involved in a project until the very end after the film is 'locked' (no more changes to the action in scenes). Large studio projects (in the $millions) may get a contract with a composer before the film is shot, but in small projects, especially lower budget ones, the composer is not brought on board until production is underway or even when the film is in 'post-production'.

The point is if your intention is to get music for a film based on your novel, you may be asking for a composer too early unless you are willing to create and agree on a contract which commits a composer to being tied/attached to your film during a specific timeframe. Composers, like anyone or any business, have commitments to do certain work at specific times and so you may want to take that into consideration when considering a composer - even if they agree to score for you for free.

Brian Alan DeLaney

There has been a recent trend for authors to have an enhanced ebook with a soundtrack, as well as higher production audiobooks with scores and Sfx like an old-school radio show.

D K Mamula

Who is your publisher?

Martyn Swain

Hi Gabby, I'm happy to send over a Showreel. You may (may!) get a better deal if you go to a composer direct, instead of through an agent, but I'd recommend talking to someone like Chris Gutch at Cool Music (one of the 'good guy' agents), who can talk you through the whole process.

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