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That piece/score that changed you life..

When I was a teenager I heard John Murphy's score for 28 Days Later. I instantly knew I wanted to score for films. It was love when I heard "In The House-In A Heartbeat." To this day I still go back and listen to this piece when I'm feeling uninspired or I question my career choice. What piece inspired or moved you above all others?

Tobias Jäck

For me it's the Inception soundtrack, i just love and could listen to it all day long! But also some Two Steps From Hell pieces really encouraged me. Also I use Two Steps From Hell as a reference point for mixing and orchestration. I think they're doing a great job!

Christof Davis

It has to be the Jurassic Park score for me - Williams is a true master-craftsman. Those horns, the soaring string melodies, the majesty of it all!

SolarStar Music

Tobias Jäck I had almost forgotten about the Inception score. Very good indeed. Christof Davis I don't count John Williams in any of my list anymore because he is just amazing. As a guitarists even better. Everything he makes is gold! Jim Rieder Nice rendition. I really liked and enjoyed it.

SolarStar Music

Brandi Thomas I haven't thought of "Can you feel the love tonight" in years!

Dana Solomon

I would probably say, first the John Williams score for the original "Superman" starring Christopher Reeves. And later, Hans Zimmer score for "Crimson Tide".

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