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Samuel Estes

Thursday Plugin: NAMM - the coolest thing we saw

So as we are getting ready for our webinar (Today) but I wanted to briefly post on a very, very cool thing we saw at NAMM. I have seen these guys every year for the past several and each year they are just killing it with their innovative products. Meet teenage engineering. This is HARDWARE - and really cool hardware at that. No frill, bit-chip interfaces, simple to connect and simple to create some really good sounds. Basically those who want to break into the hardware world but can't afford the $$$$$$$ of dollars it takes to get into the modular synth world - this is your option. These little bad boys are so much fun to play with, unique and sound great! Check them out! Over the next couple weeks, I'll share a few other NAMM highlights - we (Sonicsmiths) were pretty busy showcasing our new product, but we did get a chance to meet some incredible people and see some great innovations. Best, Sam

Joel Irwin

Thanks for constantly highlight things. Went to their web site - not sure who they are marketing to but I surmise that it may be for the well educated midi synth users because when I look at products like OP1 - I have absolutely no idea what it does and why I would want it. And if it is a MIDI input device which you can create synth sounds with, it would sure be nice to hear samples of what it can do but I couldn't find any. Seems to me they are starting by catering to the high end.

Samuel Estes

Actually it's quite the opposite, they are the "shabby chic" of synths. No frills, low cost hardware synths. They are fun devices for those who like synths and step sequencers, and want to create some fun sounds. As far as the pen and paper composer, this obviously would not be for them. But those of us who love sound and creating new sound, to create music, they are so much fun.

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