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Tim Beck

Tim Beck - ALCHEMY Debut Rock Album

I've kept this pretty secret for awhile, but the time is ready...

I'm happy to officially announce the independent release of my debut rock album, "ALCHEMY". Available now on all major streaming platforms, as well as SoundCloud and Bandcamp.


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All music written, performed, and produced by Tim Beck.

© 2019 - All Rights Reserved


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Listen to Alchemy on Spotify. Tim Beck · Album · 2019 · 12 songs.
J.T. Mullahey


Did you ever see Eddie & The Cruisers Part 2, the bar scene? It’s on YouTube. The song is good but to compete against 30,000 other guys, you got to be intense! Say something shocking or different. If it’s a love song, seduce that girl down at the end of the bar with emotional thrust.

I used to be able to make a jukebox talk and I scored almost every time.

Being broke sucks, but I waged war on a low budget and destroyed the Flagship of a SpyRadio Network.

I’m the guy Randy Newman sings about in “Pretty Boy” “Tough Jimmy Pretty Boy are you having a nice time on your trip all the way from Jersey City, like in those movies that we’ve seen. Please don’t hurt no one tonight. Please don’t start no wars.”

Weeks before Billy Joel wrote, “You May Be Right!” I left a 25-pound boulder laying in the lobby of a CIA Front. And believe it or not, they paid for the damages to cover it up!

When CBS News Dan Rather got slapped around on Park Ave in NYC. REM wrote a song about the question. “Kenneth, What’s the Frequency?”

In Berlin 1947, under the guise of Exporting Culture the CIA took control of the media, the music business and Hollywood. In 1978 The Clash sang; “The dirty, the filthy’ they’re all going lie, don’t do CIA Control” And it’s still going on today. Now you have something deep to write about. Light out. Rights out, Nobody Wins,” Take a page from the band “Muse” and start the Revolution!

My forthcoming book is titled; ‘Big Brother, SpyRadio & The Hit Parade.’

Good Luck

P.S. An editor told me I have too many women in it, delete some.

Decedric Williams

Thanks for connecting with me!

Ellen Mankoff

I will be in touch! Ellen

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