Composing : Top Five Favorite Composers by Jake R. Sandersn

Jake R. Sandersn

Top Five Favorite Composers

Who are your TOP FIVE favorite composers scoring for films? Mine are as follows: 1. Philip Glass (While not exclusively a film composer, he has composed some of my favorite soundtracks) 2. James Horner 3. Alexandre Desplat 4. Joe Hisaishi 5. Thomas Newman

Steven Harris Anzelowitz

Here are my favorites: 1)Elmer Bernstein 2)Jerry Goldsmith 3)John Williams 4)Hans Zimmer 5)John Barry

Aron Future

Only 3. 1) John Carpenter 2) Jerry Goldsmith 3) Brad Fiedel

Jon Ciano

1) Danny Elfman 2) John Williams 3) Hans Zimmer 4) Alan Silvestri 5) Alan Menkin

Leonard D. Hilley II

1) Jerry Goldsmith 2) Danny Elfman 3) Howard Shore 4) John Williams 5) James Horner

Joanna Karselis

1) Bernard Herrmann 2) Thomas Newman 3) Hans Zimmer 4) John Williams 5) Alan Silvestri

Sai Natarajan

I don't really have a top five list, since I equally enjoy different composer styles - but I'll do my best.

John Powell is one of my favourites, but lately I've been listening to and transcribing a lot of Joe Hisaishi's stuff (I can't stop listening to the opening from Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind!). Alexandre Desplat is really good at capturing emotion. I love Hans Zimmer, because of the way he thinks and works. And finally, Howard Shore has to make my list because his score for Lord of the Rings was a masterpiece.

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