Composing : Video Slave 3 by Julian Montgomery

Julian Montgomery

Video Slave 3

I'm just getting setup with Video Slave 3 (I really don't like that name). Right now I'm using the network MIDI send/receive built into my Macs to sync the video. I'm also pulling the dialogue on to a track in my DAW so no audio is coming out of Video Slave 3. Was curious if that's similar to how others use it or is there a different setup I might want to consider?

John Zachary

Are you scoring to the Video Using what DAW.

Julian Montgomery

Hi John Zachary, yes I'm scoring to video using Cubase.

Pat Savage

Excellent John Zachary! Good on you! this is what our beloved Stage 32 is all about. Offering what you have to give to other creatives and opening doors and finding people to work with comes organically through positivity and creative ideas and support. Networking at it's finest Julian Montgomery Happy networking boys

Julian Montgomery

Hey John Zachary I'll hit you up sometime today.

John Zachary

Hey how are you Whats been UP lately.

John Zachary

Looking forward to working with Balikoowa and Joseph for the full feature of The Sojouner, which is in now in the planning Stages. THANKS STAGE 32 This is a great platform to connect with others who love to Create.

Kerry Kennard

Dorico Pro 2 and higher has Video now, so one can write music with the video clip.

Logic X also has (insert) Video, which works pretty good.

Think the features in Dorico's Video engine are pretty nice.

See the details in the Instructional video. It's over 11 mins, though

going right to the detail how to do things.

I've tried it; it does take a little getting use to. Julian is prob. use to it, since similar controls are probably there, as stated.

John Zachary

Hi julian what's up.

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