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Composing : What's a fair rate for CD cover design? by Marlene Hamerling

Marlene Hamerling

What's a fair rate for CD cover design?

Hi Everyone, It's understood that "fair" is relative, and what's fair for someone with tons of experience and award-winning covers isn't the same as for a newbie, no matter how talented. So here's the scoop. This is for a vocalist friend who is resurrecting her career with a CD of a live concert, in a small venue (a club). And she does have a number of photos that could work very well. It's primarily for promotional purposes, so there isn't a huge budget. But, as a pro herself, she's not looking to short-change anyone for their work. She's just looking for a realistic range, given the parameters. Thanks so much! Marlene

Samuel Estes

Hi Marlene, Honestly, not a lot of us are doing CDs now a-days, but back in the day it would have been a lot of design work for everything in the booklet, so depending on your needs that will be really dictate the budget. I know for a cover, I have spent between 500-1200 for the artwork. I am sure you can find someone to do it for less.

Marlene Hamerling

Sorry for the delayed response, Samuel. I was out of town -- with Internet problems. I really appreciate your getting back to me on this. And, yes, one could probably get it for less :-) but, having worked with graphic designers on other types of projects, the range you quoted seems fair to me. Thanks!

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