Composing : Working in advance on my film score-- creating music for presentation pitch!! by Daniel Latteo

Daniel Latteo

Working in advance on my film score-- creating music for presentation pitch!!

Here, hard at work with my super team of composers-- Francesco Marzola and Fiamma Velo!!

Trying to get some work in advance on my film score, already from script stage.

We are also preparing something special for my soon to come presentation pitches- a sort of secret weapon... Or should I say "secret lullaby".

Hush-Hush, can't say more now! Soon more exciting news about my horror/mystery film project...

Stay tuned guys!!

Karen "Kay" Ross

Awesome, great to hear you're hard at work! Two composers? That's fascinating! I'd love to know more about how composers collaborate. There was another recent post about composers collaborating, actually:

Keep at it, and keep us posted!

Daniel Latteo

Karen "Kay" Ross

Thank you Karen!! Yes, I've put together a team for what we're trying to do- the creation of the leitmotif for my first feature film, which we are going to use as a tool and part of my package plan for a series of upcoming pitch meetings.

He is a composer & orchestrator. She is a pianist. And so far, they seem to match perfectly, in terms of combining skills and musical sensibility.

Soon more news about my first feature film in-progress... Stay tuned!!

David Goodall

Nice one, Daniel - best of luck with it. In bocca di lupo!

Christopher S Gillard

I know Francesco! He was one of my classmates. Great guy, and an excellent composer! And congrats to you for getting your composers involved early on in the process. No

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