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Classical Music in Movies.

This may be helpful to some and I hope so!

Classical Music in Movies : Classical Soundtrack and Classical Background Music.
Classical Music in Movies : Classical Soundtrack and Classical Background Music.
Classical Music in Movies and Classical Soundtrack. Choose from a wide variety of Classical Background Music, Classical movie songs and traditional musical background in mp3, dvd and cds for your own…
Adjustments For Low Volume Mixes

I am not an audio engineer so this question is more for those of you work with or are sound editors/audio engineers. I believe that as music volume gets lower, we tend to not be able to hear the the edges of the sound spectrum as well - the lower frequencies/bass and the higher frequencies/treble - w...

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Which way do you go?

There probably an infinite number of answers to this one :)  And it may vary by project as well.  I am sure there are pros and cons for each approach. I can say on my last project, "Turning The Hands Of Time" (, I started with scoring the opening scene and then the end ti...

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In an ideal world...

There are several good groups on facebook, so I made this page for pretty much anything to do with film score (keep it relevant) in an attempt at an idealistic facebook group. Some pages are known for "over policing", that's why the only rule is to be a decent human being! Have a lovely day all! htt...

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The End

The end comes when your score is taken to the mixing session and the film's audio track is combined (in stereo or surround 5.1/7.1) with the dialog, adr, and foley/sound effects. This is the point where what you hear is music at a level which is much lower compared to the other audio. As composers,...

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Analysis Of A Score - How To Make Two Similar Scenes More Interesting

(note: this is long and provides detail analysis of a score.  See the end for a link to the MP3 and PDF score) I promised when I finished scoring my most recent film, I would provide some discussion/analysis to provide 'insight' on my composition method.  First, I want to digress to a 'game' I and m...

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Silence Is Golden

As a composer, one of the things I have learned to 'go by' is that I score when there is no dialog and selectively score under dialog (often based on the 'wishes' of the filmmaker/director or based on the outcome of the spotting session).  But I have rarely if ever seen a part of a scene where there...

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♫ Oops he did it again ♫ Pharrell Williams' RUNNIN sounds alot like Stevie Wonder's MASTER BLASTER

Can A Dialogless Film Evoke?

We all know the importance of body language in a film and how when acted properly and supported by the crew (not just music, but among others the cinematography, directing, wardrobe, etc. - to name a few), can evoke significant emotion in the audience. It's a team effort and everything has to be 'ju...

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Soundtrack concert by studio women composers (Los Angeles)

This is a 1st-of-its-kind Concert Extravaganza!! Live orchestra, choir, soloists playing top soundtracks by women. This FREE concert will celebrate powerful music, promote greater visibility for women artists and take audiences on a musical adventure: "Batman: Mask of the Phantasm," "Bones," "Justic...

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