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Bill Costantini
Nina Simone - Sinner Man

I always love listening to this song, and especially on a Saturday morning. Nina Simone was such a great liver of life, and composer. I wish I could write songs this pure. If you've never seen this video, enjoy:

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Alessandro Mastroianni

I finally managed to watch Blackkkklansman yesterday, looking forward to today's masterclass with Terence Blanchard. Anyone else attending? What did you guys think of the music in the latest Spike Lee joint?

Joel Irwin
Dialog Location

This is posted here since as composers, we often provide feedback on the audio component of the film and for low to no budget films, that feedback is often given to the filmmakers/directors who also wear the hat of the 'sound editor'.

Now almost always, the music is created either in the stereo space...

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Nada Badra

Hello 32ers! I was wondering if anyone is interested in new songs, or knows an artist who does.

Many thanks,

Victor Sunstar
Joel Irwin
Electronic Piano Scoring

These thoughts are just mine and may not be globally held by others who score electronically.  Many of us have grown up learning to play an instrument and often time, that instrument tends to be piano or guitar.  We often have a lot of playing and performing experience before and during our scoring...

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Joanna Karselis
Oscar Best Score 2018

What do people think of the Oscar noms? Any scores people feel missed out?

Diandra Anne Mamo
"The One for The Other" - Beautiful Song worth sharing!

I've recently viewed on French TV a live broadcast of their song selections for the Eurovision. While i'm not myself much of a fan and watch it more to spot out new good songs, it was the first time i was seeing France in this selection process.

So I was blessed to hear and discover such a beautiful...

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Classical Music in Movies.

This may be helpful to some and I hope so!

Classical Music in Movies : Classical Soundtrack and Classical Background Music.
Classical Music in Movies : Classical Soundtrack and Classical Background Music.
Classical Music in Movies and Classical Soundtrack. Choose from a wide variety of Classical Background Music, Classical movie songs and traditional musical background in mp3, dvd and cds for your own…
Joel Irwin
Which way do you go?

There probably an infinite number of answers to this one :)  And it may vary by project as well.  I am sure there are pros and cons for each approach.

I can say on my last project, "Turning The Hands Of Time" (, I started with scoring the opening scene and then the end ti...

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Turning the Hands of Time (2017)
Turning the Hands of Time (2017)
Directed by Gary Chason. With Travis Dunn, Marc Isaacs, Mia Ruiz, Gary Chason. Desperate to save his pregnant wife from being killed by a bloodthirsty member of a Mexican drug cartel, a distraught det…
Mark Gosney
Good study score Total Recall, Jerry Goldsmith!
Omni Music Publishing
Omni Music Publishing
Omni Music Publishing provides quality published music books ranging in style from jazz transcriptions to film scores.
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