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Kris Monroe

Online Courses

Hello! I'm new to this Lounge, but I've got a big question. Does anyone know of Online Costume Design courses/classes/options? My mother has been a seamstress her whole life and can sew the crap out of anything. However, she's debating going back to school and Costume Design is the only thing that really interests her - however she can't relocate at the moment. Does anyone here know of a school that offers online degrees? Or an industry professional who offers periodic online classes? Has that ever happens through Stage32? Just thought I'd help out my mom by asking around. Thank you!

Mel Welch

If she just wants the paper to say she can sew, not worth the money to waste. She can learn more by hunting techniques on YouTube, going to museum and dance sites to research details of real and stage outfits, all for free. Just keep notebooks on projects, pictures in her brag book. Be confident!

Darcie Griffin

There's SO much available online! Less so in the world of costume design specifically, but so much for sewing in general. Where we used to just have books and paper patterns from the big 4 design companies, the internet has totally opened up the sewing world. PDF patterns by independent designers are quite popular, and they're available on Etsy and Craftsy. Craftsy also does pattern drafting courses, if she needs a brush up there. There's some great ones like this on creating bodice slopers, the framework to all designs - (affiliate link). There's also some great design fashion courses on Skillshare - I'm currently taking an awesome course on pattern drafting in Adobe Illustrator, and it's totally changing my life. I do some costume design for a local dance company, and I'm definitely putting this knowledge toward that purpose. (affiliate link). And if she likes things in front of her, I'd have her check out the local library first before thinking of enrolling in a classroom setting.

Susan Potts

How exciting to hear this, I too am an accomplished seamstress with some experience. I am presently looking at finishing a period costume to test myself and learn more. Used a lot of library books, sell so much to learn and try. Gets me excited just to research yes just go for it!! And all the best. Be confident and have fun!

Ruth Elaine Hane

With a quick search there are several online courses: However, in my opinion and experience, since there are many challenges, nothing compares to direct learning from a costume designer or teacher. Great success!

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