Filmmaking / Directing : Short Film Seeks Help With Costume Design by Shay McLean

Shay McLean

Short Film Seeks Help With Costume Design

We are needing someone to help come up with a design for a 40's/Steampunk costume for our leading lady. And you wouldn't necessarily have to actually make the costume. I need someone to at least draw up a design and possibly make a pattern(s). I may be able to find someone to make it. It would be pro-bono but of course you would get credit and a copy of the film. We are shooting in February 2014. This is also post in my projects page under title 'Brothers'. Thank you so much!

Sweety Darlin'

I make costumes and design them.

Patrick Flynn

where are you located? We do manufacture costumes but only within South Africa please email me

Shay McLean

Hi Patrick - we're in Tennessee but thanks for the offer! :)

Taran Hunter Hall

My mom is a costume designer. How can she contact you?

Odi'e Bug

I do design both rockabilly clothes, 40's influenced clothing, and steampunk. My website is being updated to be ecommerce friendly, but I have work you can see at, odi'e fashion on facebook and on google +. Sounds like a fun project. If you like my style let my know, and I wish you success with your film.

Patrick Flynn

If ever filming in South Africa do give us a shout. Check out our company details at

Patricia Sarnataro

hi shay, i would be happy to talk to you about this….

Denia Skinner

Hi there- I can't do pro-bono exactly although some of my rates are low if it's something creative n fun like this. However, I have a degree n background in fashion design n could make the peices as well.

Patrick Flynn

wish it was in South Afrika

Shay McLean

Judging from the description of your locations Patrick...ME TOO! :)

Shay McLean

Thanks for all the responses! I have lucked out and have found two designers willing to help me out for this project but I thank each and everyone of you and will most definitely keep you all in mind for future projects - hopefully PAID ones! :)

Patrick Flynn

hope you all film here someday we have the best locations!

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