Filmmaking / Directing : Ever wonder what the neighbors think when a film crew comes into town? by Stage 32 Staff - Julie

Stage 32 Staff - Julie

Ever wonder what the neighbors think when a film crew comes into town?

Amanda Toney

I personally LOVE when there's filming going on near me. It makes me feel like I'm part of the production. So fun to watch it later and recognize the houses and buildings. Thanks for posting Julie!

Arlene Mantek

I live in Brooklyn, and even though there is a small TV studio nearby (As The World Turns was the last show that filmed there regularly), and several films and TV shows shoot outdoor shots from time to time, the residents are pretty clueless about the whole film and TV protocol. (A lot of people from other countries live in my neighborhood, and I don't think they watch American TV. Most of the people I encounter don't speak English). They see the craft services table and act like "Wow, free food for us!" Also, lots of kids with cars come cruising by with the car stereo BLARING, which has got to be a headache for trying to film a scene.

LindaAnn Loschiavo

I live in a neighborhood where there is a film shoot every single day. We make them pay for the privilege since the crews alter our "quality of life" and often damage property. Nec possum tecum vivere, nec sine te!

Amanda Toney

This post totally correlates with the upcoming webinar, Place Based Filmmaking. Pretty cool!

Bradley Scott

We had a Hollywood production come out to my part of Illinois and it was really cool. All my neighbors came out and checked out the set and everyone from Hollywood was really cool. They were filming an independent film and they needed farm backgrounds. One of the actors went to the high school I went to and suggested they shoot there. Really cool.

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