Film & TV Pro yay or nay?

Hi All,

I've been using Film & TV Pro USA for some time now and they are now charging to view job ads on their site. It rounds out to be $120/year. I'm not sure if it is worth it but I also don't know where else to look for jobs. Do you have experience using this site? Is it worth the cost?

Philip Sedgwick

When it was Mandy I got a work for hire off of it. Recently I landed a work-for-hire on a short. Of all the ones out there, I have had more response to queries. And the responses, categorically, I have found to be the most professional.

The pricing of it annoys me and I wrote to complain about it; but I decided it is worth it.

Adding up all the possible "job sites" it gets expensive.

JD Hartman

Mandy is still Mandy......

Elisabeth Meier

@JD - how that? I couldn't search for jobs at Mandy anymore and was asked to sign in to the new website. Plus, they don't allow me to search for international screenwriting jobs as my computer ID tells them I'm from Germany. No chance, not even within the EU. I call this discrimination and frankly speaking that we have to pay for reading job offers is without words and discriminates those who can't afford to pay fees.

JD Hartman

@EM, Can't explain your difficulty, just went to the Mandy site and read (crew) jobs in NJ. But I have to agree Mandy has gone steadily downhill as a resource, not that the other websites are any better.....

Elisabeth Meier

That's true, they are not much better - but at least open for everyone.

Steven Harris Anzelowitz

Elizabeth I agree.

G.s. Ford

did not find them to be helpful.

Stephanie Gaudinier

Thank you all for your feedback. Think I'm gonna bite the bullet and pay for it.

Steven Harris Anzelowitz

Where is Verplanck? Is it upstate New York or Downstate New York?

Joe Valva

Mandy and Film and TV Pro are the same company. My son and I both have accounts and he gets lots of sound recoding jobs in the NYC area mainly through Film and TV Pro. Very professional and no trouble so far in over a year of membership.

Stephanie Gaudinier

Steven Harris Anzelowitz it's kind of right in the middle. About 2 hours from Albany and 1 hour from NYC

Stephanie Gaudinier

Thanks Joe!

Kentrell Stoakley

Mandy use to be free until that new company join them almost what 2 years and just destroyed the company for what it stood for. An just started changing the layout and started charging for everything. An I was real mandy fan since 2006. But no longer.

Shadow Dragu-Mihai

In 20+ years in the industry I NEVER got a legit job off Mandy/Film & TV Pro, and I do NOT pay to apply to work on any site, anywhere. Since they went paid, they are aggressive in sending more-or-less fake job emails to entice me back. Screw them.

Michael LaVoie

Film & TV Pro is a scam. It's illegal for a staffing company to charge applicants to apply for jobs. FTVPro gets away with it under some loophole that excludes websites from adhering to that under the "membership" guise. But yeah, don't pay any online site just to apply to gigs. It's supporting a thoroughly corrupt practice. You charge job posters for placing ads. Not applicants