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Daniel Martindale

Freelance PA

Hello! I am moving to Atlanta from Los Angeles soon and I was wondering if maybe anyone knew of any online sources to find PA jobs in that area (other than staff me up) and/or could put me in contact with someone in that area who PA's a lot? Anything helps! Thanks so much. Daniel Martindale

JD Hartman

Some of the same resources you used in LA will work in Hotlanta: Mandy dot com; Craigslist; etc. You could blitz your CV to a bunch of local production companies.

Daniel Martindale

Thank you!

S. Charlie Robbins

Hey Daniel, I'm in a similar position, looking to set up in Atlanta myself. Currently nomadic, looking for work, as well as connections with fellow Set PAs and crew peeps such as yourself. Because you know, its who you know... Good luck on your endeavors, and maybe we'll cross paths in the future! Cheers.

Karen M. Cantley

Hi Daniel! I'm just scrolling through posts here. If you've already made the move, check out the Reel-Crew Production Directory listing on the Entertainment site and list yourself so that productions coming to GA can find you. Also, the GA Help Wanted Hotline. Lastly, check out the huge number of FB groups dedicated to film in GA that post jobs ALL the time. Best of Luck!

Daniel Martindale

Thanks Karen!

Tivoli Silas

There's the Facebook group, I Need a Production Assistant, that sometimes lists PA jobs in Atlanta.

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