Filmmaking / Directing : LED lighting help? by Shaylie Norton

Shaylie Norton

LED lighting help?

I'm making a short film in June, and need some advice regarding bi-color LED lights. We are going to use Sharegrid, but I'm not sure what lights to get, how many, etc. We will be doing mostly indoor scenes, but we do have 1 night shoot. There are only 2 cast members, as well. Thanks everyone!

Presidential Sweets

location? we are in the northern California area!

Erik A. Jacobson

Make sure you have a well-qualified DP, someone who can shoot day-for-night if necessary.

Royce Allen Dudley

Respectfully, you need to make lighting choices with your DP's input. She or he will have the knowledge of script, approach and style to come up with tool choices that work for your budget. No blind advice from a forum will give you the right answers. I know you defined the size of the cast and interior plus exterior night but that is still so incredibly vague as to not provide any information about what it is you're trying to do. Even with exact information, two different DPs will come up with two completely different equipment lists.

David Goodman

There are a few "go to" LED that i use a lot recently. Arri Sky Panel (full rgb), Kino Flo Select 30 (RGB), Lightmat 2L (bi-color) and Quasar tubes(bi-color). There are also several larger units from Mole Richardson. Your gaffer should be able to put together a good led plan for you. Keep in mind I often use an hmi like a Joker 800 or m18 for my larger source in conjunction with led. Have fun!

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