Filmmaking / Directing : Noise Canceling Headphones? by Daniel Grzeskowiak

Daniel Grzeskowiak

Noise Canceling Headphones?

Sound crew, when listening to audio on set, do noise canceling headphones work? I started having a conversation with an audio guy and we were baffled whether the noise canceling only works on noise seeping through the headphones, or does it change the audio the microphone is picking up and remove it from the microphone audio as well? I used them before once and turned them on while listening to the audio. It seemed to remove the noise seeping through the headphone ear muff, but I could still hear white noise coming into the headphones through the microphone. So I was wondering how much it effects the audio from the mic? I assume it would have some effect on it.

Nicholas Jordan

noise-cancelling is very critical if one is to do serious sound / audio monitoring with the intent of hearing what actually is going on to the audio-track It would seem good equipment vendors would have an ambient-cancelling feature available though ↑do not↑ rely on it for feature-critical work, and expect even then some of it will have to be fixed in post ~ but that is what they get paid to do. Very remarkable ambient-noise / background competing sounds can be removed with audio-processing in the audio-pickup but since I am not employed at a major I cannot provide useful report. When I spoke on a stage at U. Texas at a film-meeting much to my surprise a completely normal looking microphone picked up my voice so well that I had to hold it at the waist to avoid over-driving the speakers, so it can be done and would seem major vendors would have it as stock item.

Carl Welden

I've only tried a pair (ages ago) once on a noisy flight, but never for a gig. If the headphones are within of "earshot" of the dialogue you're trying to capture, would they subtract/cancel those frequencies from their output along with any external environmental noise?

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