Filmmaking / Directing : Time off during long shoots.... by Tammy Wheeler

Tammy Wheeler

Time off during long shoots....

I was just offered a PA job for an 11 week gig. but had another obligation in the middle of it for 2 weeks. I really couldnt tell by the ladies voice over the phone if this was going to be a problem or not. And she didnt give any indication. I need the work, and I could get out of the other. but would prefer not to. Ultimately I need to know if this is something that they may see normally with such long shoots or should i just cancel the other. both are important.... what are yalls thought.

Kyle Wilson

Most productions would want you there at your scheduled time of shooting. They are not concerned about your personal schedule conflicts. And sometimes that can be a bit in one ear and out the other with some things you tell them just because they may have been calling other, including yourself, left and right for the same crew position. Juts keep repeating it respectfully to make sure they know. They will give you an ultimatum about it eventually. That's my opinion on it. This is not a set in stone answer and I could be wrong. Hope it all works out for you :)

Royce Allen Dudley

Depends on the client and the rate. If you are union, you should stick with the commitment. If the 2 week gig is full pay and the 11 week not, you can often get out to go do the other gig and come back if you replace yourself. Replacing yourself with another person in your absence works in some positions - not all - and needs to be clear up front. It's much more acceptable / expected on bottom rate indies than other types of work. You also are vouching for your replacement if you do send one in; assigning an inept or flaky stranger to replace you could burn all bridges. It's not true that all gigs are important - even without knowing anything about yours. Most gigs are not at all unless your bills are past due. Prioritize and choose... makes you more professional. Saying "no" is a good thing, and a respected position. Way more respected than disappearing.

Tammy Wheeler

Thanks , the other was actually a personal situation, But luckily we were able to get that worked out and I wont miss any of this gig. Its not union. and Base pay, but its work. and it will look good on my resume... that is a bonus. I have been doing pretty good for only being in the field a short time.

Melissa Bonet

Excellent news! I'm all for people who can get out there and make it happen. Cutting my teeth on the whole professional Film making business. Going Indy as they say I'm going to seem like a newbie here for a while so have patience with me .. =)

Nicholas Jordan

Be direct, be factual & never conceal. That is end-of-career on my projects. If person to whom you are speaking cannot take it, you do not want to work for them.

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