Filmmaking / Directing : Tips For Hiring Unpaid Crew Members by Amanda Toney

Amanda Toney

Tips For Hiring Unpaid Crew Members

For those with small to no budgets, this is definitely worth the read!

Five Tips to Find Professional Crew Members for Free
Five Tips to Find Professional Crew Members for Free
This is a guest post by Evan Luzi, a camera assistant who runs The Black and Blue. The most amazing part of the digital cinema revolution isn't the streamlined workflows, 5K resolutions, or the high d…
JD Hartman

Sadly most film makers will not heed or live up the the things mentioned in your link. Food: first meal is always breakfast, regardless of time of day.. Protein: eggs, bacon, sausage, meat, fruit, not bagels. Don't say you've got all the gear, won't pay kit rental and then ask why I haven't brought any equipment (or expendables) to the shoot. Don't expect to use my gaff tape, gels, blackwrap, Duvetyn, showcard, foamcore, beadboard, practical bubs, etc., etc., unless you're paying or replacing them. Don't tell me your shooting on camera X, it's going to look amazing and it's going to festivals. Any piece of crap can be entered in a festival, just takes an entry fee. Don't promise me a DVD copy of the completed short and not deliver it. As the "tips" article said, don't ask me to work for free and then make me go out of pocket by not paying my transportation costs. Not everybody lives just a subway or bus ride away from your shoot. Don't "hire" professionals and not act like a professional yourself.

Kae Roshun

Loved the article. As a writer who is learning more about producing and directing, tips like these help me approach a project and crew better. Thanks for sharing.

Bradley Scott

Look, I've been in this for a while and I get a pretty good day rate. But, I have dry spells. I have off days and I don't mind helping my buddies out on set if they need me if they feed me and give me beer lol! But, when I do you can rest assure I'm not paying the Home Depot bills for supplies -that's their job.

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