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Where to look for crew

Hi, I'm an actor and producer looking for a director & crew for my short film, and am wondering (in addition to Stage32), are there sites out there where I can post an ad that I'm seeking crew?

Don Warden

hi gaffer here . also try mandy

Peggy Nichols

Hello Ayelette, I am a makeup artist. I have been working, in the biz, 30 + years. Know how to do it all.

Amanda Toney

Hey Ayelette, the film commissions are a great resource to find crew in specific locations. All the best!

Ayelette Robinson

Peggy, thank you for letting me know about your makeup experience. I need to find a director and DP, lights, and audio first, but if you have a reel of your makeup work for film, I'd be happy to see it and reach out when the time comes.

Peggy Nichols

No problem. Let me know when the time is right. Good luck finding your essential people.

Bradley Scott

Where are you filming?

Ayelette Robinson

LA, if I can find the right location. Another option is near Tahoe, to get mountains and cold/winter.

Doug Nelson

Ayelette, seriously, you’re in LA and you can’t find a crew? I’m up here in western Oregon where I really do have a hard time finding actors and crew, but I manage (barely.) You’ve got film schools, and lots of filmmaker wannabies all over the place down there. If you want to shoot up in Tahoe, there are a bunch of folk in Sacramento, Nevada County and the San Francisco area who go there all the time and some in Reno. I know quite a few down there – but very few up here.

Stephan Roux

Call the local/nearest film Commision (provided they have one where you shoot). They will be able to help you with locations and crew/vendors list.

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