Filmmaking / Directing : Who want to become a team and make a great film based on a true story by Shawnte Lawrence

Shawnte Lawrence

Who want to become a team and make a great film based on a true story

Hello , My name is Shawnte Lawrence and I'm a book author. In the last year in a half I have been piecing my life together after learning my sister ( which was also my best friend) and kids father ( together for over ten years) was sleeping together. The entire situation went down heartless and they moved away together leaving me to fend for the kids alone. The situation has bothered me so much that I decided to write a movie script based on it. I added somethings but it's cut dry on the things that transpired. The rough draft is done. Although the situation has caused a big impact to my family the story needs to be heard. Put it this way Tyler Perry will not see what's coming. Also with it being based on a true story that's a triple plus. Thanks for taking the time out to read this. Shawnte Lawrence

Corey Packer

I love the story even though it's sad. Great idea to make it into a movie.

Foil L.

if you need music for it we're here !!!

Cindy Lee Davis

I would love to talk to you my number is 661-817-3347

Leslie Trotter

I'm sorry to hear that your book will be based on a sad story, but hopefully triumph comes from this with a happy ending. I also have had similar experiences in my family and debated whether or not If I should write about this experience, needless to say I believe it will step on many toes and hurt some folks in my family. Best wishes and much success on your project.

Joshua C. Allen

Sometimes our life lessons, be them happy or sad, make for the best stories. If you need another guy actor, i would love to chat with you about your film. Either way, best of luck!

Tabitha Mathis

Same thing happen to me and I tried to forgive them, but won't ever forget it.

Lynne Darlington

What a devastating situation. Some people are self centered and hedonistic, and when these are people closest to us it is breathtaking! Good luck with the project Shawnte, I am sure it will be conveyed perfectly.

Lynne Darlington

PS I see you are looking for voice actors. Feel free to reach out if you are still looking. Thanks!

Augustus Tan

Just by reading that, I can see the drama and pain involved. Contact me if you need a storyboard artist. Would be great to translate the finished script into visuals!

Michael Holden

I would like to work with you.

Max Boyce

Run the story here to see if it has legs--- Or here:

James Holzrichter

Need music?

Joshua C. Allen Check me out. I am always down to be a part of a good film.

Amanda Nevarez

I'd love to offer any assistance. Please message me, after viewing my profile, if you'd like my assistance.

Cindy Lee Davis

I would love to help you, just let me know what I can do, I am a actress . action & drama, I am wiritting a book of my own this also is based on a true story, I have a editor who is helping me. Have a blessed day

Yvonne Watiri

Would love to work with you. I produce, write and direct. Message me.

Michelle Latimer

If you need any assistance with sound production, branding and web designing, don't hesitate to contact us

Lawrence R. Kotkin

I know I shouldn't be doing this, but given over three decades in the people-support business, I might be able to provide some ideas as to ways of looking at the lifespan arc issues. I might be useful at asking the kinds of questions that lead you to illuminating viewpoints. Just a thought. I've seen this scene too many times to not be able to point out impact points on family members. Sometimes when we're doing memoire based writing, a personal perspective interferes with highlighting events. Some can provide turning points or crises. I wish you great success with this project. I'm sure it will be a journey of discovery.

Lawrence R. Kotkin

Just one thought came to me. Families, unless 'stuck' develop through stages, growth occurring by going through crises at certain points (think "The Seven Year Itch"). You might be able to look at your movie by the features of getting through those stage based developmental crises. Good book on family development is Norman Ackerman's "Canon of Family Therapy." He describes the process well.

Luca Nervegna

I'm interested! i'm a dop.. i can help you

Shoghi Aqdas

I am interested am right here, acting , writing and visualization are my traits plus I love listening...

Irene Bern

The best scripts in my opinion are from real life. I'm sorry to hear what happened to you & I respect you for writing about it. You'll inspire many people. If you need a videographer and video editor I do both.

Shoghi Aqdas


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