Filmmaking / Directing : Would You Rather--an informal poll by Cheryl Allen

Cheryl Allen

Would You Rather--an informal poll

Would you rather deal with shoddy underperforming equipment or piss-poor attitudes? What can turn an OK day into a "is it Wine-thirty" faster?

Kyle Climans

Tough choice. I'd go with the attitudes. They're easier to change, or replace, and no matter what happens, at least the film looks and sounds good. And the people will want the film to be good, regardless of any attitude. It's their rep on the line if the film is bad.

JD Hartman

Easy, I rather have piss poor cast. This is because I would have had a opportunity prior to shoot day and inform the Producer/Director of my observations and if necessary, excuse myself from the project prior to the shoot day.

James Drago

Tough one. Piss poor attitudes can be contagious and could ruin the product altogether.

JD Hartman

Shoddy equipment, at least in the Electrics department can kill. We had a load of unsafe gear from TCI on I feature I worked on several Winter back.

D Marcus

These "would you rather" are supposed to be difficult. It's nearly impossible to adjust attitudes - most people don't change easily. So I would rather work with a team of "can-do" people with good attitudes who make the best of shoddy equipment than a group of people with bad attitudes working with excellent equipment.

Robert Franklin

Should not have to deal with either, I think!

D Marcus

Robert, you are missing the fun of a "would-you-rather" question.

Royce Allen Dudley

Good attitudes and energy work around limitations and obstacles. Film making is not about gear, but the collaboration between those behind and in front of the lens. Self answering question.

That said, shoddy kit makes me grumpy.

Ken Hall

I never use anything but the best gear. If you look at it. You got one chance to expose this footage correctly and on schedule with decent sound. If it’s cheap gear it adds time. Adds headaches in post production and so on.

James Drago

Do you rent Ken Hall ?

Doug Nelson

Best people and best gear or nothing.

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