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Whether you’re a gaffer, cameraman, set designer, boom operator, key grip or work in any other on set profession, this is the place to discuss, share content and offer tips and advice on your chosen craft or the business in general

Makeup Brush Care Tips & Chat

Everyone has to clean their brushes on set at some point. Back in makeup school, I learned that IN BETWEEN gigs is when the actual 'care' for the brushes happens. I use about a dime-size drop of baby shampoo in my hand, add a decent amount of water, then swirl the brush in circles with the soapy coc...

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Check out http://parianspirit.com!
I'm a makeup artist searching for an LA based crew

I'm located in greater LA and I want to create content. I went to art school so have a general idea of how film and audio equipment, editing, post production, etc works. I have two YouTube channels that are eligible for monetization and no this won't be your typical beauty blogger/guru video. I want...

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Who to contact - for on set crew (ing)

Hi dear All! I would like to get in touch with someone (company, on set crew organization/organizators, association, chamber etc...) who can give some info how can I register there - even in some EU association if such a thing exists, as a freelance MUA and SFX artist to participate on sets, as crew...

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Need or Lost a Passport? Great company to use - Passport to the World (https://www.yelp.com/biz/passport-to-the-world-northridge)

Hi Crew, I figured that you do the most traveling from set to set and country to country where you may find yourself needing a passport renewed, or even may have lost one while on-set. Well - I can recommended a great company that can assist you - Passport to the World. They're a family owned business ...

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Love it or Hate it

Name 3 things or moments you hated/ loved on your last filming experience? Hated : * When it rained and we had to stop filming * When our Crew van key got locked up in one of the RVs and the producer left and his mobile phone ran out of battery. * Flies Loved: * The Cast House I stayed in and waking...

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Crewing Agents for Production designers

I've been 16 years in the industry and ready to break into bigger features , how do i get an agent to sign me up ? Im ready to travel abroad and have a 10 year schengen visa

IATSE Strikes Again :)

Damn unions with their fair pay, collective bargaining, right to strike, and support for working families ... what's next? Police who respect the constitution? http://bit.ly/29wfkzg :)

CAST & CREW in Tampa Bay Area

This post was received on my FB page... thought I'd share it here for all the folks in the Tampa Bay area. "Exciting news for our Tampa Bay Area...a SAG Ultra Low Budget Indie Feature Film, Action/Comedy Los Angeles Based, is coming to St. Petersburg. The film stars Don "The Dragon" Wilson. Keith an...

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Key Grip recommendation -- Joe Brady (VT, New England area)

I have worked with Joe Brady for a whole week in my MFA thesis short film 'Joan in Owl Land'. He worked as Key Grip, showing high skills and knowledge in his work, and also a high sense of responsibility and punctuality -- traits that are of utmost importance in my opinion. On top of that, he came u...

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Swirl Films

Does anyone on here have any connections to Swirl Films in Atlanta. I am seeking an opportunity to work on their new show Born Again Virgin or in their Atlanta office. My position of choice would be writing assistant or P.A. If there is anyone on here connected to the show or company, please reach out. Thanks!

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