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Trev Lewis

The Films Of Steven Spielberg

Like many film lovers the world over - I was raised with the varied films of Steven Spielberg, possibly one of the most successful directors in our lifetime. From adventure films such as Jaws, Indiana Jones and Jurrassic Park, through Science Fiction greats such as Close Encounters and ET, and into such epic and important dramas as Amistad, Schindler's List and most recently Lincoln, Spielberg has proven time and time again that as a film maker he is up there with the greats - able to turn his hand to most genres whilst still maintaining his own style and themes. Okay, so he doesn't always hit the mark, throwing in a few duds along the way such as 1941, Hook and The War Of The Worlds, but with such a wealth of movies, he can be forgiven for his misgivings. I invite you now to join me on a journey - a film by film study through the theatrical released films of Steven Spielberg in a series that I have been making for the past few years - a look at the legacy, the evolution and the films of the great Steven Spielberg. Follow the link below - and please let me know what you think - and subscribe to my channel or the playlist below to keep up to date with the series as I continue to produce these reviews.

Trev Lewis

Thanks Paula, just a bit of a hobby of mine, glad you enjoyed it

Joan Ottulich

'Always' will always be special to me, as it was made in Libby, Mt where I was living and I and several friends are in the movie. He (Speilberg) gave a special viewing in our town with all the scenes of us before he cut them from the finalized film. I met him and gave him a book, which I like to think influenced him to make Schindler's List; very high-minded of me I know, but I am going to continue to think so. Since then I have the fire for film, acting and writing. Just entered a screenplay in an international contest and have the hopes with, of course, Speilberg in mind with a positive outcome.

Viquii Johannesson (Vicki Johnson) Thanks Trev! really enjoy your channel, finally I have a place to go watch film reviews that matter.. this is really refreshing to see. You add a little behind the scenes and tidbits the average viewer would never know about, so far I've only watched Duel, Close Encounter and 1941; had no idea Speilberg did 1941 and wrote but did not Direct Chainsaw Massacre.. Who Knew? Always knew he had us on the edge of our seats but never slasher films. I guess as a filmmaker/writer you have to not let your audience know everything.. I added you to my Network, It's a pleasure to join you on youtube, thanks again!

Trev Lewis

Thanks for watching - and glad youre enjoying my reviews - havent done one in a little while - but will get back around to it as soon as possible. But it is worth mentioning that Spielberg did not write Texas Chainsaw Massacre - I think you may have misunderstood me - he wrote Poltergiest which Texas Chainsaws director Tobe Hooper directed. Anyway - thanks again for watching.

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