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Adam Parson

Dance Movies

Hey guys, I have a question. What are your thoughts on dance movies? Do they inspire you? Do they make you want to get out there and dance? Tell me your thoughts.

Angel Matheson

I love watching them and I would love for my daughter to have a part in one of them.

Angel Matheson

Found this old post. Are you producing a dance movie?

Renee Horton

I would say as a dancer and actress, that's a dream role! I would also like to add that YES, when the dancing is done well, it ignites the passion and desire to free yourself in dance! Especially when you watch the character train as well and then get stronger, grow in confidence, and the dance moves the story.

Leeah D Jackson

They inspire me and I would love to star in one, soon

Livio Salvi

They inspired me when I was a kid and wanted to become a dancer.I loved Staying alive, Flashdance and Saturday Night Fever.Nowadays dance movies do not excite me as much I have to admit.Maybe cause I am not a teenager anymore or simply cause they are very commercial and t the storyline it's poor and lack of content.Cheers

Jennifer Koridze

I meant to respond to this much sooner; apologies. Dance movies always inspire me and make me work with renewed energy after having watched one. That said, I think they come out best when the story and performers appear as realistic to the art world, as possible. For example, many movies depict performers as overall happy, with a few exceptions. Well, that's not reality. I personally thought I was total crap when I was in training and didn't even find out that I was a star student, at the time, until my mother told me that about ten years later. Plus, I pretty much cried about my various technical complications every day, once I returned home to soak; not realizing that most others were very happy with my technique and performance - perfectionism means for a lot of dissapointement in oneself. That kind of idea, be it a dancer, musician, singer or whomever, is very rarely portrayed. Another type of issue rarely portrayed is how friends and family play a huge part in affecting the rest of your daily life. Very often, they don't realize that the idea of going skiing, as a dancer; or to perhaps a noisy, crowded and smoke filled concert for a singer can be harmful to their performing abilities and to pressure them into such situations can be very stressful. Thanks for the question; very interesting topic.

Alexandra Hall

I love dance films and I make dance films. Someone once told me that dance films are not mainstream enough to make it, but I continue to do so and I am currently in production of two new short films. I take narrative stories and tell them through modern dance using dramatic close up cinematography. Pina Bausch is one of my heroes. I agree with everything said here, dance helps to heal us and transform our lives. It is needed in society as a way of expressing ourselves through movement. My dream is to make a dance feature film, first I continue to build my portfolio and skill set by making short films. Made my day to see this discussion.

Kim Napier

I like watching new dance moves that I have never seen before and wish that I can dance like that! I think it is very creative and you should definitely make a dance movie! I would watch it about 50 times on Netflix!

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