Filmmaking / Directing : Chronicles of Atlantis by Abdur Mohammed

Chronicles of Atlantis

This is my third day here at Stage 32. On Wednesday, just before joining, I was on the verge of just giving up. Ready to pack away my five scripts for a TV series concept, which I am passionate about. Then, I found stage 32.

I will admit, I am not really looking to sell my screenplay, or become a screenwriter in Hollywood. I am more so wanting to have my vision see the light of day. I am quickly understanding that the entertainment industry, at least in the US, is an almost impenetrable institution. Understandably so.

Seeing all of you here, gives me hope. Renewed hope that even without an agent (yet), or a "foot in the door", I can turn to you folks to help me find my way. I just wanted to express my thanks to all of you. And best of luck with everything that you do.... Who knows, if I figure this thing out, and somehow find a way to make my project myself....I'll be turning to you good folks for help.

Pat Savage

Hey Abdur welcome to Stage 32. Happy networking!

Abdur Mohammed

Thank's Pat...Great to be in the company of you all

Abdur Mohammed

Hi Jeff...I have sent out some inquiries, and query letters, but no response yet. I am neither in the entertainment industry, nor live in LA...I just spent the past 12 years on active duty, Navy, and have zero contacts. A work in progress....

James Drago

Never doubt the process. It's a long haul. Patience is key. Also - great story Jeff E. Gregory

Abdur Mohammed

Thanks James. The wait should be worth it.

Robert Franklin

Keep working at it, you will be fine!

Ken Hall

You can’t send spec scripts to agents and expect them to sign you. You have to rep them in person. Pitch the story.

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