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Rick James

Film funding contracts keep me up

Well I'm up nights rewriting the investors contract and I am really tired, but I can't stop until it's finished. This is a foreign venture capital investment into my road trip film Guitar Betty and Annie so the wording needs to be tweaked. It's a good thing I'm really good at writing contracts. Of coarse I'll have the lawyer do a last look see before I sign it and send it over. I hope it meets the Investors approval, the production schedule is set and when the funding is in, we go from in development to preproduction and the clock is ticking. Did I mention no pressure?

Dane Johnson

Your post is a few months old, so hopefully you've gotten into preproduction and even further! In the future, you might be better off to have an entertainment lawyer draft your contracts from the beginning. It is usually more expensive for an attorney to revise and correct someone's work than to work from his or her own contract drafts.

Rick James

Thanks for that Dane, no I don't have funding for that project yet. So far the only people I've spoken to where those who wanted money upfront. I'm not saying I wanted do it, but they have to be legit. However many deals are made without upfront expenses, I'm not to put off by it because I am considering turning it into an animation. I'm doing research to see if it makes sense.

Rick James

Oh yeah Vitaly, I agree.

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