Filmmaking / Directing : First time filmmaker by Amber Sherice

Amber Sherice

First time filmmaker

I am getting ready to move forward with a project that I have been working on for almost three years. Is it better to shoot a trailer or teaser of my film as a promo pitch for crowdfunding before shooting the whole short film? Please advise!

D Marcus

Think about what inspired YOU to donate to a crowdfunding campaign. Was it a trailer or teaser?

Douglas Eugene Mayfield

When I've donated to any crowd funding campaign, a large factor in my decision has always been 'How much have the film makers done on their own?'. So someone who shot and edited the first 15 minutes of her movie on her own got a donation. I'm not saying you have to go that far but I'd say do as much as you can to show people the work you've put in. And whether you go teaser, trailer, whatever, make sure that your completed piece is a good sales tool. That means what you have completed, when viewed by others, make them want to see more of your story and a completed feature film. This is not easy. Consider doing story boards for your proposed sales piece and showing those to people you know for their frank evaluation. Or whatever you want to do to get a feel for whether what you'll make works well on behalf of your project.

Amber Sherice

Thanks for the comments!

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