Filmmaking / Directing : Giant No No to marketing... by JD Glasscock

JD Glasscock

Giant No No to marketing...

Hey you all I know this is a network but if you've never talked to someone before the first message you send them shouldnt be, hey here's my kickstarter, can you give me money....are people really that un self aware of courtesy and respect...? Please refer to RB's interview exactly about this.....You should be building bridges not burning them down

Stage 32 Staff - Julie

JD, many, many of us are in agreement with you. Unfortunately some people don't take the time to listen, digest and understand that is the wrong tactic. It goes with the territory of any social network. But recognizing that makes it easier to just hit "delete" and then get to the messages from people that really do understand networking :)

JD Glasscock

U think any kind of being raised properly and being taught courtesy and respect or just a modicum of self awareness would prevent them...especially daunting as self awareness and self truth is the venue you find talent and where it sits, so on a site where people are attempting to be artists and yet have a difficulty with those two things...hmmm

JD Glasscock

though I hear ya and blessings, and not at all am I perfect and I''ll be the first to yodel that across mountain tops, but I attempt to be self aware enough that when i do something that is wrong, fix it and don't do it again...

Douglas Eugene Mayfield

I'll be a semi-'Devil's Advocate'. Yes, I think showing courtesy and respect to people you 'meet' on line is essential. But I don't mind solicitations for money. After all, I can always delete it if it's unimpressive. And here I think is the key issue for me. How well do they execute that solicitation? Yes, I totally agree that the 'begging'/'I'm a broke film maker'/'hey here's my kickstarter, can you give me money?' approach is dumb and I will reject it. But I like to see well written solicitations and I've made small donations if I really respect how the film makers went about their fund raising. If nothing else, a well written proposal may include ideas which I can 'borrow' if I ever do a fund raising myself.

JD Glasscock

yea i just personally think you should first develop some repoitre with the person at least having said hello as opposed to treaing people like a number thing ie just adding everybody and anybody then immediately sending them all a kickstarter solicitation

Lina Jones

Hi JD, Unfortunately not everyone was taught the proper way to go about things, and its not getting any better because of an "entitlement" attitude. If a person is going to give they are going to give no matter how you say it. You don't want to come across as being to nice or too rude, I'm sure there is a medium somewhere in there....#IDKwhere =)

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