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Abdullah Abu-Mahfouz

Internal Greenlight

As an aspiring balanced artist, I am really concerned about developing a process to internally greenlight my films- predicting whether the picture will be profitable in many senses. Right now I am having the hardest time just wrapping my head around the internal greenlight. I'm struggling with: What are the standards I should be aiming for and how do I test them on a story? Any advice is welcomed :D Thanks in advance.

Landis Stokes

No one has "THE ANSWER" that will guarantee anything. You have to figure out what will work for you and where YOU want to go.
For my experience: Don't be afraid to fail. Learn from your failure. Try again. Learn from that experience. Rinse, repeat, until you get where you're going. On your way there, help people and they will help you.
No one will invest in you, unless you invest in yourself.
You have to invest in yourself. I financed a short film myself instead of buying a car. I hired professional actors and called in a lot favors to get experienced crew I had relationships with. Our short didn't get into THE major festivals but we got into festivals and won awards. I'll never make that money back but it sells monthly via VOD (also building a small following) and actually got me a couple of paying jobs.
I learned a lot going through that process myself and look forward to doing it again knowing there is still a ton I will learn. I met some great people and some jerks, too.
You have to figure out what will work for you. No one has "THE ANSWER" that will guarantee anything but keep talking to people willing to share and help you.
My 2¢.

M L.

An internal greenlight just means the content is in line with your companies mission statement and it is predicted to have an acceptable amount of risk to your bottom line.

Ryan McCoy

Yeah, just go out and start making shit man. You’ll never know until you DO.

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