Filmmaking / Directing : Is comicbook writing a rought draft... by A.Christopher Eugene

A.Christopher Eugene

Is comicbook writing a rought draft...

Could comic-book writing and comic-book issues be used as a rough Draft for a skilled screenwriter?

Pidge Jobst

Some consider it a very viable and potent submission, since there is a current trend to read novels for potential Industry content rather than screenplays, especially if the novel or comic has a built in audience or platform.

C Harris Lynn


Joseph L. Stewart

Very much so. It would be a great asset considering it's (to put it lightly) an advanced stage of a combination of many "transferrable" necessities for a film to manifest. Storyboarding, concept art, built in scripting with camera direction (Longer lines of dialog may need some form of abbreviation, for page/scene sake.) In digital form, things are replaceable, down to every detail. Even room for interchangeable directors, lighting, sound notes, etc. What it really boils down to is, how involved does the original visionary/artist want to be? :)

Ken Hall

Yes! Marvel and D.C. have done well with this. Lol!

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