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Andy Matthias

Looking for Collaboration

Hi everyone! I'm looking for filmmakers to connect with to do some collaboration with. I am a Course Director at Full Sail University and teach the Advanced Post & Story Development Online course. What I am basically looking for is footage resources for my students. It can be current projects, unfinished projects, etc; I'm looking for a variety of genres that they can choose from to complete an entire post production process. The courses are 4 weeks in duration so turn around would be quick. I have my students do a complete edit, title design, audio design, and color grade within that time frame. I'm mainly looking for short form, like 10 minutes or less for the final edit. It can be comedy, drama, horror, documentary, music video; however, being an education facility we do have content guidelines the students must follow so I would have to screen the script. Basically a PG-13 rating will be fine. If any filmmakers are interested in collaborating please get in touch with me. If your project is used I would include you in the entire critiquing process and you can choose which student's edit fits your vision best for your final piece.

Nicholas Jordan

Tell them to look to their own personal experiences is likely to provide best material to build upon. They have to team anyway later and I spoke with teacher in Bastrop Texas whom seemed to grasp what it was all about. Basically, he had an actual research project going in about one day. You would not believe how many under-grad papers actually get used in business. Typical is personal-experience where human-emotive is involved is what sells, per advice of Neil Stone whom is on here when I spoke to him in Austin. Simple, factual and I dint like it but that's the way it was, and is the way it is today, and will be tomorrow. So you get team playing Head Drama Club with the proviso this is practice only and cannot go real, then they can get you file-cabinet worth of provisional material.

Beth Fox Heisinger

Hi Andy. Perhaps post this on the Jobs board: That's where members post various "want ads" or searches for creative partners, paid or not paid, whereas the craft and business forums are for topic discussion. Or engage with the community; join the many conversations, offer advice, network and build relationships. You could also utilize the Connect feature: Search our membership by location/occupation and reach out to specific members; look over their profile pages and posted work. I hope that helps with your material search! Best to you! :)

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