Introduce Yourself : Networking by Wade Hampel


Hi Everyone,

I am very very new to film/TV, but have had a lot of activity on my project - agent, and production companies. I really have no clue on the process, just really looking to learn more, and network with others.

Brian Rhodes

Hi Wade! If you would like to get involved on what may be the next tsunami in filmmaking and film funding, check out our blockchain social-networking page website

Mike W. Rogers

Hey, Wade. Anything specific you are looking for answers on?? Sounds like your just looking for general advise? Just wondering so we can get some specific answers for you!

Patrick Ivison

Hi Wade! I’m in a similar boat. My best networking has come through school (USC), social media and events. I’m actively focusing on my social media strategy to build an audience for my next project and use that as a selling point to potential investors and collaborators. Full disclosure, I haven’t done this yet so I don’t know if it’ll work but that’s what I’m doing! I’d love to hear more about what you learn and how the project goes!

Brian Rhodes

Might I suggest Patrick, in tandem with what you are doing, you explore the blockchain. It’s more than likely going to be a game changer in film as well as other cultural and business communities.

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