Filmmaking / Directing : Preplanning distribution? by Bryce Gardner

Bryce Gardner

Preplanning distribution?

When preplanning making a film, how important is it to put into your plans who you are going to ask to distribute your film? Is that something you don't worry about until after your film is made?

Regina Lee

It completely depends on your intent and the model. For example, if you're making a completely indie, "DIY" type of film with no emphasis on recouping the budget, then why worry about distrib? If you've put together $20M in financing and need to recoup, then of course you need to think about distribution strategy.

Bryce Gardner

I guess basically we're wondering for a web series, "Is there life after YouTube?" We'd like to recoup some costs put into it.

Bryce Gardner

Lol the name of the series isn't that. That's our question. Can we repackage the series somehow after being shown on youtube to recoup some of our money.

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