Filmmaking / Directing : Remake of "Blazing Saddles" by Robert Teel

Remake of "Blazing Saddles"

Anybody think this would sell at the box office? How about Chris Rock as Sheriff Bart, Adam Sandler as Jim "The Waco Kid", Duane "The Rock" Johnson as Mongo, Will Ferrell as Hedley Lamar, Billy Connolly as Taggart, and Chelsea Handler as Lili von Shtupp.

Mike Hall

Oh but could it ever come close to how great the original is....never....and for good reason. Though it is entertaining to think about....the world needs the next great new stories.....not remakes.

Robert Teel

That is true ... bumper stickers should be issued ...

Robert Rosenbaum

Watch it again. I don't think you could do it today. Not in the current climate.

Robert Teel

Alright.... we'll give some land to ....

Robert Teel

As the Taoist farmer said, "May be." (I would say probably)

Deanna Carlyle

That saddle is still smokin' hot! I'd watch it again.

Robert Teel

Indeed, such a classic. Personally it's not the sort of film I would want to make, and I agree with the comments that a remake could never stack up to the original. Plus, I doubt the rights could be acquired. But the question was would it sell at the box office? The remake of The Longest Yard cost $82M to make and grossed $190M worldwide. Just sayin' there's probably an audience for it, if for no other reason than curiousity.

Pierre Langenegger

No one knows if it would sell at the box office. Just because a popular film is remade is no guarantee it will be successful. A lot of remakes are failing right now because word spreads very quickly once it's out and if the story is crap, if the acting is crap, if the directing is crap then it doesn't matter that it's a remake of a once successful movie or franchise. In my opinion, why risk ruining a perfectly good classic when there is so much opportunity to create something fresh and original.

Robert Teel

Fair enough, and I think that applies to any film. Poor writing, poor acting, and poor directing would make for a poor film.

Chad Stroman

No. Unless there are lots of changes to account for the evolution of society and accounting for possibly widespread sensitivities.

C Harris Lynn

I've yet to see a single area in which society has evolved since the time that film premiered.

William Brower

God no. Enough with remakes. Why mess with perfection?

Robert Teel

So near as I can tell, no one thinks it would sell . . . (that's the question, not whether or not it should be remade). How about an animated remake?

Robert Teel

BLAZING SAMURAI is set to hit theaters August 4th, 2017.

Some of Broadway's brightest talent will lend their voices to the upcoming, kid-friendly animated comedy BLAZING SAMURAI, based on Mel Brooks' classic comedy BLAZING SADDLES. Entertainment Weekly writes that Brooks himself, as well as ALLEGIANCE's George Takei, THIS IS OUR YOUTH's Michael Cera and THE MOUNTAINTOP's Samuel L. Jackson will be heard in the forthcoming film.

"There is no business like Shogun business," Brooks said in a statement. "And what is wonderful about the film is that it is going to have great appeal not only for kids but their parents too. It's funny and smart."

Matthew Deleon

Honestly, I think this movie is great and shouldn't be touched. I am not the biggest fan of remakes, but with the casting choices you picked, I don't know, I just feel as if it would be another generic remake/sequel.

As for animated remake...all I say is, remember the animated Spaceballs show...?

Nick Ferwerda

I agree with Matthew! Shouldn't be touched.

Robert Teel

I agree with you too Matthew. The movie is great, and it might very be another generic remake. I'm not sure what to say about the animated "Blazing Samurai." I suppose I'll have to go see it just to satisfy my curiosity. (Hmmmm, maybe there's the answer to my question.) I'm going to change the question slightly, "If you were a studio exec. under pressure to generate revenue would you consider this project?" (Let's not forget the alternative distribution channel revenues.)

C Harris Lynn

A project inspired by a property isn't exactly a remake. There were no samurai in Blazing Saddles and the target audience is clearly different, so it's not exactly the same. Although I agree it's not something I would personally greenlight, it sounds like it's an unrelated project that's just using the Blazing Saddles tie-in for some "juice." lol

Hollywood is full of h00kers.

Ken Hall

This is a classic. The only one who could do this would be Mel Brooks and he doesn’t do sequels.

D Renard Young

Do you have the rights? If you do, make that happen asap! If you don't someone will. It's a Will Ferrel, The Rock, Kevin Hart, or Channing Tatum play to make it make sense for the budget it would need though.

Sandrene Mathews

The only real reasons for doing a remake would be to update themes or update technologies.

Blazing Saddles needs neither, and even if you update a couple of jokes, the timing and pacing of the movie is what makes it so brilliant, unless you mimic that completely it's just going to be an offensive, irreverent film. And if you're just copying the film, there's not really any point in doing it.

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