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Aalijah Amaro


Hey everyone,I have a series idea in the works. I was wondering if anyone had any tips on finding showrunners to bring on board or any tips to pitching to showrunners. Thank you!

Ryan McCoy

I would suggest producing the pilot yourself and maybe the first 5-6 episodes and then publish them on YouTube and Vimeo and see if they gain a following. You would be in a much better position then to pitch it to a “show runner.” Wish you all the best!

Aalijah Amaro

I actually have a website and app planned to bring in a fan base this way I have leverage on the IP and it shows that fans will be wanting/expecting more from the storyworld

Ryan McCoy

Cool! What’s the app called?

Lindsay Miernicke

An app? My interest is peaked. Do share a link!

Aalijah Amaro

I have yet to actually create the app. I am looking for app developers to bring on board for this project if you are interested please network with me on here or email me at:

Ryan McCoy

When you do create your app, I’d love to see it! Please shoot me a message on here when it’s done.

Aalijah Amaro

It is still in the early stages of development but I will absolutely send word of it towards you all

Wade Hampel

There is a lot on Linkedin

Cherelynn Baker

I used Thunkable to build my app for JAWT and it is a bit crude, though functional. I learned a lot in the process and the main take away is, hire a developer!

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