Screenwriting : Stage 32's Happy Writers' services by George Perez

George Perez

Stage 32's Happy Writers' services

I just had a GREAT hour-long consultation with a top Lit manager through Stage 32's Happy Writers. It's always a valuable service when you can directly communicate with decision-makers in this business. Well worth it!

Gordon Olivea

Hi George, can you share some details of why it was such a good experience? Working with Happy Writer's coverage service seems to be like listening to Stevie Wonder: everyone likes it. I've never heard differently from anyone.

George Perez

There are many services that offer non-decision makers for evaluators. Stage 32 offers direct, one-on-one quality contact with well established, legit industry executives. My experience was exactly what I was looking for, thus the recommendation. To be able to speak for an hour with a serious, working pro and get detailed feedback was important to me and that's what I got. I hope this helps!

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