Filmmaking / Directing : Untitled Episode by Boris A Harris

Boris A Harris

Untitled Episode

Just finished 60 pages of script about a wealthy African American family, with romance, sexy and dramatic and full of mystery about a fight for love and power in the corporate and political world. Shootable in St.Louis and Atlanta. Looking for Actors and Actresses and film crew. Crowd funding through Indigogo.

Jean-Pierre Chapoteau

I hope everything works out man. Would love to read the script and give you some feedback if you need it.

CJ Walley

Sounds good and your targeting a hot area right now, Boris. Might be worth reaching out to members in the Atlanta area, there's plenty of them here.

Sabine Mondestin

Its great ! It`s nice to have African American stories that show other things than gang ,drug or thugs ...Good luck with your project !

Heather McMullin

Sounds very interesting!!! I would love to see it in theaters.

Boris A Harris

Thanks for the input about this screenplay I am developing.

Boris A Harris

But in every entrepreneur endeavor we need team players and a agreement to get done. The lesson learned in filmmaking we can't do it ourselves.

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