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James Boyd

Utterly lost...

I just quit my corporate gig to open a custom motorcycle design studio. I'd really like to begin experimenting with motorcycle based short films featuring my creations. Some of these films would be creative ways for me to showcase new designs, others are integrated mechanical/visual projects. I don't know where to start, or the most effective way to collaborate with the right skill sets. One of my fears is that time will pass and images/scenes may be lost without knowing what to capture. Even some pointers in that regard would be great . I'm guessing this would be the best place to get advice? Thanks in advance. Great community!

Lauren Lindsey

just start writing. even if it feels weird. just start with a computer and microsoft word or good ole' fashioned pen and paper and start writing. Write descriptions of the vision in your mind and the dialogue your characters might say. Once you write out scenes, you can find ways to connect them and weave a common thread throughout your story

Dustin Sweet

David, Pm me. I grew up with motorcycles and would love to talk about moving your project foreword. Cheers, =Dustin

Royce Allen Dudley

There are a number of established ( released & broadcast ) action / documentary / reality filmmakers in the motorcycle world ( myself included ). A surprising number are self-taught shooters. With GoPros and small HD and 4k cameras, a small investment and some basic training might yield what you are after... that or seeking out someons in your area who's a budding filmmaker to help. Things like timelapse of your builds and action footage of finished bikes is a lot more exciting to most people than other things they may be asked to shoot for grins.

James Boyd

thanks for all the replies! Sorry I've been slow to respond. I'll be getting in touch soon with folks who'd be down for a collabo. thanks again everyone for the great advice!

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