Filmmaking / Directing : What is your experience casting from Actors Access? by Cherelynn Baker

Cherelynn Baker

What is your experience casting from Actors Access?

Hi Stage 32'ers, if you could, would you please share your experience with casting actors from Actors Access? My experience working with Arizona casting agencies has led me to search for a different approach. I have a project in the ULB SAG range and plan to cast next month. Thanks in advance for your opinions, I appreciate the help.

Tressa Sanders

I've cast from there and prefer to use it over any other resource. UNLESS I need stage talent and then I hire using Backstage. I signed up with Breakdown Express to hire through Actors Access and I like that I can post sides and get audition videos right through the site. What I don't like about it is that when your breakdown goes live, you get a TON of responses automatically and they aren't even a close match to what you're looking for so you end of weeding through a lot of profiles for nothing. Also if you see someone you like and contact them about a role, they often have no idea what you're talking about because they were either submitted by the system or by their agency. So there are a few things you have to work through but there is some good talent on there.

Cherelynn Baker

Thank you Tressa Sanders for your input!

Stephen Foster

I've gotten great roles from them and I got some lemons.

Cherelynn Baker

Thanks for sharing Stephen Foster - I know how that goes!

Stephen Foster

Cherelynn Baker I've also got my breakout role here on stage 32 by hitting up directors with my less than one minute reel.

Tanya Carleton Lovrics

I used Stage 32 to cast my actors. I searched the site for actors from the location I needed and posted a casting call. I found my young lead when his mother reached out to me after seeing my posting!

James Drago
Shadow Dragu-Mihai

My thoughts:

1. Actors Access and Breakdown Express charge actors for submitting to your project. The ethics of which I despise and distrust.

2. Over the years, I have monitored the sources of talent I bring in. In order of overall professionalism, quality and experience of talent I receive from the various casting venues I have tried - lowest to highest: craigslist, Acting/"free" casting Services like CAZT and Hollywood Casting, Backstage, L.A. Casting, Actors Access/Breakdown Express, Breakdown Services.

3. This roughly corresponds to the level of professional accomplishment and actor has achieved... As the higher levels are often represented by agent or manager in Actors Access and always in the Breakdowns.

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