Filmmaking / Directing : What should come first? by Mark Bubsy

Mark Bubsy

What should come first?

When making a Movie should you have the finances or "Named Actors" in place first?

Shea Christian Reinke

i was told that helps when pitching. obviously remaining flexible is key, but if the potential producers can visualize a face with the concept that seems better. right? i was specifically asked if i saw anyone specifically for a certain role in my superhero concept.

Shea Christian Reinke

also if you have the lead cast and in as a producer, yes - that is almost always better.

Royce Allen Dudley

To get name actors you often need a pay or play offer- the money. To get the money you may need the actor. This is why it's hard to produce, in a nutshell.

Danny Manus

This is the biggest Catch 22 in film. you can't get actors unless you have funding to make offers. but you can't get funding without name actors or director attached.

Shea Christian Reinke

sneaker networking is best for that, so i hear.

Rossi Mobis

This depends because if the script you are about to develop was written by you, you must for sure have someone in mind to play one character or the other but this depends because for everything, funding!!!

Barry Kneller

Its best to have your funding in place first.

Jon Bonnell

Its easiest to have your funding in first, but its not impossible to get talent attached without it. They will be listed as "in negotiations" or "in talks" because, usually, they won't want to fully attached without the funding, but you'll get paper you can use directly with your potential investors... just not publicly for marketing/IMDB/etc.

Shea Christian Reinke

I have heard that it is easier to get actors into talks than allot might expect - because they like acting, and as long as you contact them through the right channels they are pretty free with ye old interested or not conversation.

Serita Stevens

Actors will help get funding but many don't want to be used that way and won't sign letters of interest until money is in place. It's a catch 22

Andrew M. A. Spear

Oh what a tangled web! NAME actors can help with financing, but can turn off producers. Maybe they have an issue with actor. Some feel their toes stepped on and its THEIR job. Actors can also screw up a budget making it more expensive than producer wants to raise and spend on a project. Unless you have Brad Pitt that is.

Gare Cline

With my job I am usually hired on during the development stage. So I get see how money is raised for films. The boards become one of the key elements instrumental in raising both equity and lender based funds. They are also used to attract talent. Nonetheless, any reputable producer or experienced director will tell you that it is a must that you have talent attached before raising funds. And it is best if it is a B-lister or better.

Serita Stevens

It's a catch 22, but if you have a great script, actors will often come on board in the early stages, just, as Andrew said, be careful who you commit to.

Rick James

Everyone is so correct, in my experience it really depends who the investor is. Some might be only interested in star power to get the crowd draw, another might prefer one a-list over another. It's really a go with your guts thing, although you can cut down the odds. Before you approach an investor, research him or her and know what they like, (also what they don't like) what movies have they backed in the past and if they have a preference to a particular actor or actress? Do they have a stable of actors they like; and if they do, do they fit into what you're looking for? If you're lucky you might get one that is only interested in making movies and money, great! But remember one thing, it maybe your script, but it's his or hers money. That means the investor holds the reins to this horse and it's up to you to perform to their expectations.

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