Filmmaking / Directing : 5th Annual Stage 32 Short Film Semi Finalists are Announced! by Amanda Toney

Amanda Toney

5th Annual Stage 32 Short Film Semi Finalists are Announced!

I am pleased to announce the semi-finalists are now announced for our 5th Annual Stage 32 Short Film Contest. The talent this year is off the charts! Please join us in congratulating your talented fellow Stage 32 filmmakers:

Paul Hart-Wilden

Huge congratulations to our cast & crew as "For Old Times Sake" has been announced as one of the semi-finalists in the 5th Annual Short Film Competition.

Thank-you so much to and congratulations to all the other films that have reached this stage.

Gwenn Joyaux

We are so glad that "Tomorrow island" has been announced as one of the semi-finalists in the 5th Annual Short Film Competition. Congratulations to the team, cast, and crew!!!

Thanks a lot

Congrats to our fellow filmmakers for reaching this stage too!

Felix Pineiro

From the cast & crew of ADJUNTO – it is a great honor to be considered for this award. Much appreciated! Cheers to all!

Calix Lewis Reneau

Excited to have our docu short PHASE FIVE - which offers real-world solutions to the critical problem combat vets have re-integrating into civilian life - under consideration in this contest.

Dylan Lunt

The crew and I for "Circadian" are humbled to be a part of this awesome festival alongside so many great filmmakers. Congratulations to all the semi finalists and good luck! Thank you again Stage 32 for the opportunity we are all very excited.

Brie Seaton

Congratulations to everyone who made it to the Semi-finals! I am so excited and honored to be apart of such an amazing Festival! Shout out to the cast and crew for Circadian!

Richard Zelniker

I want to thank Stage 32 for the enormous honor of being selected as a semi-finalist in this amazing festival and contest! We're truly humbled by this prestigious honor. Thank you to all who participated in making this possible for our small and humble effort, BECKONED! Can't wait for everyone to see the film! We deeply appreciate being part of this.

Mike Smith

On behalf of the cast, crew and everyone who made KISMET a reality, a huge thank you to Stage32 for selecting us as a semi-finalist for this incredible competition. We are humbled to be considered alongside such a diverse and talented pool of filmmakers. Congratulations to all!

Mark Oxman

Thank you, Stage 32, for recognizing "Vinyl Child" in this competition. And congratulations to all of the semi-finalists but also the fantastic quarter-finalists. I know some of the filmmakers on the list and it's nice to be associated with people who do painstaking hard work all for their love of cinema. You all inspire me! I don't know if we're allowed to start a conversation on this forum but where is everyone from? I'm in Los Angeles but also worked in New York for a few years. Anybody in NYC? Any funny stories about production?

Spencer Glover

Honored to be included in this round! Thanks to Stage32 from the cast and crew!

Mark Kozlowski

Congratulations all semi-finalists! Its so hard to get these made and funded and amazing to see such great work coming out despite the adversity! You are all winners for completing your films!

Vladimir Angelove

Pleasure being amongst Semi-finalists with so many beautiful projects from around the globe! Congratulations to all making the long way to here! :)

Leo McGuigan

Huge thanks to the Stage 32 team for honouring THE INVENTION as a semifinalist at this year's competition! It means the world to be included alongside such stellar work from incredible storytellers. Good luck and congratulations everyone -- cannot wait to see your films!

Richard "RB" Botto

Huge congratulations to everyone making the semis. By all accounts, this has been our most competitive year yet. All should be most proud!

Shiona Penrake

I'm so honoured to be amongst the talented filmmakers in the semi-finals! My dad, who is the producer of my film 'Look Inside', told me I was in the quarter-finals just yesterday, so it feels like two strokes of luck for me. Best of luck to everyone! :D

Paige Locke

So excited that 'Misfit M.' has made it this far!!! Such an honour and what a wonderful pick-me-up while we're all isolating at home. So exciting as filmmakers to know that our careers can still move forward during this time. Fingers crossed for the next round! And excited to watch some awesome films. THANKS STAGE32! (and Vail Film Festival for hooking us up)

Paige Locke

'Misfit M.'



Rachel Eddy

So honored to have made it as a semi finalist! Thank you to Stage32 from the entire ‘jew(ish)’ family.

@jewishmovie @kingofeddything

Amelia Spitler

Hey y'all! I'm the Producer of EX DISPOSER and I'm so glad to be a Semi-Finalist!!! Thank you to Stage32 for the honor.

Giving a plug because we're currently a part of Palm Springs International ShortFest, where we are in competition for Best Student U.S. Short!

To learn more, we're on instagram: @exdisposer

Thanks to all and congratulations to the other semi-finalists!!!


Amelia Spitler


Grace Yee

The "SHIRi" team would like to say a HUGE thank you to Stage 32 for this amazing opportunity and honor!! We are thrilled to be in the semi- finals!! CONGRATULATIONS to all the semi-finalists!! Can't wait to watch your films!!

Writer/Actor of "SHIRi"

Grace Yee

Diane Foster

Thank you STAGE 32 for this amazing honor and recognition! The "SHIRi" team is ecstatic to be a Semi-Finalist! Shoutout to our incredible cast and crew that we were so grateful to have and Big Congratulations to all the filmmakers!! Excited to connect with you all and watch your films!

Check out more info on IG @wallybirdproductions @dianefosterofficial

Producer of "SHIRi" and Founder of WallyBird Productions

Diane Foster

Sumire Takamatsu

So honored and super proud of team Bakemono to be included in the semi-finalist round! Thank you Stage 32 and congratulations to all filmmakers!


Philip Sedgwick

Congrats to all. This is no small feat! Well done to all cast and crew.

Jorge Lucas

This is awesome! So proud of the "Bakemono" team, and can't wait to see the other films!

Co-director and co-writer of "Bakemono"

Mark Oxman

I love that your name is Jorge Lucas!

Jorge Lucas

Haha yeah it's been a blessing and a curse. At least it's a good conversation starter. How did you manage to get such big names in Vinyl Child??

Seamus Waters

Delighted to have made the semi final of Stage 32's Annual Short Film Competition - huge thanks to The Invisible Boy team for making it possible. Congrats to all other semi finalists, looks like the standard is seriously high! Best of luck everyone with your film's journey - if you're looking to play at an Irish film festival please reach out and I'll help in any way I can! Séamus - Producer, The Invisible Boy

Burton Chaikin

Thank you to Stage 32 for recognizing CAPSULES as a semi-finalist in the 5th Annual Short Film Competition! We are truly so excited and honored to be featured amongst such an incredible group of films and talent. A huge shout out to our amazing team that made this film possible and congratulations to all of the filmmakers who have advanced in the competition!

Jimmy Matlosz

Thank you for recognizing Vinyl Child, a special thanks from myself and the crew as well. Best of luck to all the other Semifinalists.

Amanda Jabes

SO PROUD of our short film On The Sidewalk for making it to the Semi-Finals!! Couldn't be more grateful for the support we had from our cast and crew! Thank you for the recognition, Stage 32 :)

Alexander Devrient

First off, hello fellow filmmakers, and congratulations to you all on getting this far!

It has been a pleasure reading through this thread and seeing all your amazing posters.

Secondly, a big thank you from all the 'Gym Patriot' cast & crew to the judges, and of course Amanda Toney and Richard "RB" Botto for pulling us through to the semis. We look forward to seeing what's in store next. Exciting times!

If anyone is interested, here is our trailer:

Michael Hull

We, the creators of Pendulum, are thrilled and honored to be among you all as a semi-finalist in the S32 Short Film contest. Thank you Stage32 for the opportunity! Good luck everyone! Fingers crossed for today's finalists.

Paige Locke

So excited to hear the finalists!! Good luck everyone!

-Producer "Misfit M."

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