Filmmaking / Directing : Advice from Akira Kurosawa by Geoff Hall

Geoff Hall

Advice from Akira Kurosawa

I came across this video on YouTube. It inspired me, so I hope it inspires you. I love what he says about the starting point of creation. "Memory is the source for your creation." And "you can't create unless you have something inside yourself." I like his determination too. He says never to give up, because once you have done that, the next time the going gets tough, you have formed the habit within yourself of quitting. Here goes:

Debbie Croysdale

Good share thanks. Its true a lot of writers look for the "magic bullet" (as John Truby quotes) but a good script requires dedication in finding time to be alone and face the empty page to be filled.....alone.....time after time. This particular interview emphasises on pen and paper, and is not dissimilar to Truby interviews. I would add another dimension to the importance of the basics. "Give us the tools and we will finish the job". (Churchill.). Pick up your pencils and dont put them down.

Juan Abad

Great video. Really inspiring words from one of my favorite directors. Thank you for sharing!

Tivoli Silas

I love the comparison of writing to mountain-climbing. It's so true! Thanks for sharing!

Geoff Hall

Hi Juan, thanks. I hope all is going well for you.

Larry DeGala

Yes. Very good advice. I remember paper and pencil. And then came word processors and desktop printers. And then Final Draft software. And young directors still don't like writing 120 pages. Or reading. sigh

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