Filmmaking / Directing : Am I wasting my time? by Rafsan Mahmud

Rafsan Mahmud

Am I wasting my time?

If I shoot random but interesting things from my phone camera. Plan to make a movie without a story. What does it make me? A Stupid man with phone or something else? I can never pay to go to film school. I'm 23 years old. Being a film director is my dream. A big one. Maybe impossible. I still don't know. I have to go a long way.

Steven Thompson

Hi, You are a filmmaker. Start with what you have and where you are at. I am using a beat up iPad mini - check out this site

Rafsan Mahmud

Thank you, Sir.

James Brettell

Filmmaking and Directing is a long term plan and a way of living mate. You can't beat yourself up that, at 23, you are only shooting on an iPhone and aren't going to film school. At least you have something to shoot on and the Internet is full of resources to teach you. The best advice is to challenge yourself to shoot a scene and cut it together, then review it and see what you could do better. Learn story! Trust me. A little hint: someone is trying to get something and something/someone is getting in the way. How they overcome this is unique to that character and is what the audience will want to see.

Rafsan Mahmud

You gave me courage Mr. James. Thank you.

Douglas Eugene Mayfield

You might give some thought to what you really like to do. Is it just taking the pictures? Perhaps you're interested in cinematography and there is a lot of free information on line about that. Or is taking the pictures your way of getting to tell a story which is what you really like. Your comment about being interested in directing certainly says that. If so, I think you need to move on from taking pictures at random to doing something planned. Write a short script of some kind. Start to think about telling a story on film which you worked out in advance because realistically that's what directors do. Can the story change as you shoot it? Of course. But begin to think in story telling terms.

D Marcus

I think you're wasting your time making a movie without story. But you can make a very interesting, creative movie with your phone camera. The camera is a minor part in a good, enjoyable movie.

Brad Phillips

Your creativity, or anyones for that mater is never a waste of time. But I think you should definitely give it some direction. Even if it's not going to be your career, you will feel better about it at the end of the day. just use everything you do as learning experience. and don't take yourself to seriously. being creative should be fun. Don't harness it by being to judgmental about yourself. Have fun and work hard!

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