Filmmaking / Directing : Any Horror Film-Makers Around? [GORE SFX] by Timothy McHugh

Timothy McHugh

Any Horror Film-Makers Around? [GORE SFX]

Hey guys! I am not sure if this may be of interest to any of you (or if it is classed as a promotion, frowned up on or anything else of that nature), however, I have just released a new sound effects library named 'Gorification [HD]' - it is an extensive collection of high-impact premium GORE sounds for use within horror productions. The library contains; Skull crunches, head smashes, blood squirts and bone-breaks, to skin-slashes, knife-swing’s, splats and squelches, to body damage, chops, stabs and crunches, to flesh-tares, blood drips, squishes and oozes - has pretty much everything you need to audibly construct just about any GORE / Horror scene – and then some!

Gorification [HD]
Gorification [HD]
Quickly and easily bring your production to life with this high-quality collection of professionally recorded GORE sounds. With over 700MB of source material and 1200 high-definition audio files inclu…
Morris Leibovitz

Thanks for the connection.

Timothy McHugh

No problem Morris - Thank you very much.

Mikéhl Johnson

Awesome work Tim. -- I will be sure to spread it around.

Paul J.J. Pastore

Fantastic. Great compilation that I am sure I can use.

Timothy McHugh

Thanks for the kind words guys. If you use 25%SuperSaver on the checkout page you will get 25% off the library.

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