Filmmaking / Directing : Are drones any good for filming? by Henry Channer

Henry Channer

Are drones any good for filming?

I'd say so but maybe I'm biased. Do you have any good / bad experiences when using drones for filming?

Samantha Mauney Aiken

Yes. Drones carry 4k cameras now. There are lots of options- I suggest a google search. The downside is that they're expensive (even to rent) and easy to break. I suggest hiring out a drone operator to shoot for you rather than trying to learn yourself.

Sammy Montana

an ex client of mine used a drone for filming and the results were amazing!!!

Ross Bartels

I would say less can be more so definitely rent out, but also know the camera your getting with it because its hard to match up good footage from a quality video camera or dslr with shots from a gopro. quality of camera is most important

Rachel Cameron

I liked when they filmed all those drones in Return of the Jedi. But seriously, some of the drones at NAB this year were very large and expensive looking.

Wolfe Lind

Drones can be excellent tools since you can use a GPS to program where you want them to be. That means you can set the drone in a position and have it hover leaving you to focus on using the camera gimble. However keep in mind if you are filming in the USA you will have to register your drone and I think there is a different set of regulations regarding drones used commercially vs privately.

Brian Onley

If you use a drone as a tool and not a means to an end. Think of it as a more portable dolly. Of course you can get more speed, more movement, but I have seen AMAZING work done with very slow motion that you think is a simple jib crane shot that just keeps going and going ... I think if you are a little unwary yet about drones, that you get your hands on one, play with it, make some standard shot moves, and continue expanding your possibilities. With a little work, you can get a whole arsenal of shot possibilities in your bag. Here is a great starter tutorial on Droning by cinema5D over at Vimeo: Mastering Drone Footage - PART 1 - Shooting Tips from cinema5DPRO And if you have a techno-creative flair, you are not limited to off-the-shelf drones either: DIY (Drone It Yourself) v1.0 from Jasper van Loenen Cheers

Clayton Broomes Jr.

If it doesn't really move your story along then it is just a toy used to make some shots (keyword: "some") look cool.

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