Filmmaking / Directing : Awkwardness of self-promotion? by Alise Ambaine

Alise Ambaine

Awkwardness of self-promotion?


I just finished a short film (2 minutes long) and I decided to create a Facebook page for me to build some kind of curiosity around it (before I show it to anyone, still sending it to various festivals) and any future projects I aim to make. What I find though, is that it feels really awkward for me. Any advice?

Thank you. Have a wonderful day,


Matt Wanicur

There's no getting around the awkwardness. I released 2 novels last year and self-promotion is hard, taxing, but ultimately HAS to be done. If you include a link to your Facebook page I can like it and recommend others to do so as well. That's always a good start!

Alise Ambaine here is the link, thank you. how many posts per I should aim for? Right now I want to focus on my short (without showing it yet), but it lasts only 2 minutes, so I don't know how I should update it without telling the whole story...

Matt Wanicur

You can show even smaller snippets, 5 or 10 seconds long. Entice the audience with a logline and synopsis. You don't want to overwhelm followers so I'd avoid posting too much. You really just have to go with what feels right!

Pierre Langenegger

Hey Alise, congrats. I'm about to embark down the directing path myself so I'd like to see what you've done once you post it. I'll add you as a friend on fb if you'd like.

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